Review: Private Justice (Terri Blackstock)

January book-of-the-month at iVillage’s Christian Bookshelf message board (aka “my iVillage board”).

I read this years ago and remembered the series being a good one, with each book being quite the page-turner. I wasn’t disappointed with the re-read. Before long I was drawn in and couldn’t stop thinking about the plot and what was going to happen next in the story – the mark of a great suspense novel! I even stayed up late one night because I just had to keep reading… The resolution was great, not too quickly done and definitely satisfying.

Can’t wait to find the next book from the library and read the entire series, then make a note to check out more from Blackstock. 🙂

A serial killer is stalking the small town of Newpointe, Louisiana, and fireman Mark Branning is worried sick. His rocky marriage with Allie has led to a separation, but with a psychopath now on the loose, he realizes just how much he still loves her – especially when he discovers that Allie is next on the killer’s list.


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