Review: New Year, New Love (Sherry Lewis)

This Harlequin Heartwarming novel was sent as a holiday gift in December (since I’m a member of the Tell Harlequin panel). I was excited for a second encounter with this line and expected to enjoy myself.

Lewis didn’t disappoint at all. Good plot premise for a romance novel, the right amount of humour in situation and dialogue alike, and interesting major characters (each with their own baggage to overcome, so no too-perfect-therefore-boring characters to be found). I also liked several of the minor characters as well. Perhaps Lewis has written or will write stories for them too? (Pretty please?)

I recommend this love story and give the Heartwarming line another thumbs up. đŸ™‚

What have you resolved to do this year?

What Sharon Lawrence’s two daughters are determined to do is find a man for their mother. They even share their plans with Gabe Malone—part owner of the company Sharon has hired to renovate her house. Before long, Sharon is “accidentally” meeting one inappropriate man after another.

At first, Gabe is amused by the girls’ schemes. But now that he’s getting to know Sharon, he hates the idea of all these dates. He’s beginning to think he may be the only single man in the neighborhood who’s not part of the man plan.

And he’s beginning to wish his name were on the list.


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