Week 2 of Make Your Home a Haven

Today was a combination of Monday and Tuesday in my house because of a statutory holiday after Remembrance Day landing on a Sunday. I had already read this week’s challenge from Courtney (of Women Living Well) but didn’t start the next step until today, changing up the usual playlists for something a slight bit more mellow, to promote peace.

I chose Bond, Enya, Jars of Clay, Hayley Westenra and others that would please but also be soothing. I was interested to see if that made a difference in the household mood since I’ve noticed the boys being a little crazy while I have Christian metal cranked up. 😉 Due to a cold and just being a preschooler, Ben still had his moments of fighting and being stubborn, but at the very least, the music helped me deal with those moments better. 🙂


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