NaNo Days 2-3: Plugging away

Day 2 seemed a little harder as far as writing narrative voice. Once I hit some dialogue, I was good to go. I’ve known that’s my strength for some time, so I wasn’t surprised and just kept pushing forward even if the sentences felt awkward. I learned during my first NaNo experience to resist self-editing and this year I’m being even more conscious about it, trying not to re-read or use strikethrough. I can edit later, what’s important now is to maintain momentum. Sort of “no looking back, write forward.” 😉

Day 3 was my first expected difficult day because I’d be writing on the weekend with everyone at home. More distractions and theoretically less writing time. Actually, it worked out really well, so there goes my former excuse that I have no time to write because there’s too much going on at home. 😉 Turns out I need to be determined and always open to keeping up the writing momentum. No panic when I do need to take a break, no worry that there won’t be time just because I’ve stopped for a few minutes, 90 mins, a couple of hours…

This is the high point of NaNo, by the way. Near the end I may be crying out for mercy and ready to declare I stink at writing and could never do it full-time. Right now, at the beginning of it, the daily word count goals are an exhilarating challenge and I’m ready for anything!

One more tip for beginning writers and those who’ve been at it for a while but who still have moments of “What comes next and how do I get there?” I will pass on one treasure I’m loving: Writer Igniter. Character, situation, prop and setting prompts that shuffle with one click. Loving it! I’ve also worked in writing prompts from my old pal, the Google+ Writing Challenges page. I never knew prompts could be this helpful, silly me.

Day 2 word count: 3,508

Day 3 word count: 3,866

Total NaNoWriMo progress: 10,947 words!!


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