NaNo Day 1: Starting out strong

I couldn’t wait to get started last night, so everyone needs to remind me that NaNo Day 30 ends at midnight Eastern for me. I actually did 1,200 words in the opening 90 mins of NaNo 2012. Woo hoo!

I’m going to try Backwards NaNo this year since it makes sense with my writing habit of being very enthusiastic about a new project at the beginning, then not sticking with it.  So this time instead of almost 1,700 words each day of the month, I’ll start out with a larger word goal and decrease it each day. If I put my determination from NaNo 2010 with this new strategy, I’ll finish out the month with less pressure and hopefully much more interest in working the same story for so long.

And I need to say a huge Thank You already to Brad, who had suggested that I try writing teen fiction. I’d already had an idea for a character when he mentioned that and started considering her as a high-school student. From this first day of writing, I would have to say teen fiction is a natural fit, so much easier to write than other genres. I guess there’s nothing wrong with my being youthful at heart; instead, it’s a creative advantage. 😉

Word Count for Day 1: 3,573. 😀



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