It’s NaNoWriMo time again!

Notice the badge to the right? Yep, that’s me, a participant for the third year in a row! In 2010 I was an inexperienced, determined newbie who managed the 50,000 word goal in 30 days. In 2011, I was unprepared and unfocused, giving up early (and I do mean early). But this year I thought I really have nothing to lose by trying.

This is how I see it: I’ll either get tired of the large writing spurts and go back to reading, housework, TV and such, but I’ll still have written something OR I’ll plug away at it and hit 50,000 words, making me feel soooo great and adding another novel-in-progress to my repertoire. So why not go for it?

I even decided to work with a new character and a new genre from previous years, then had two plotting/character sessions where I wrote notes to get me thinking about the novel I’m going to create. Usually I write a scant outline or none at all, then plunge right in and write a great first scene, then get distracted.

That’s another thing: I have no novel to read at the moment. Well, I have about 1,000 ebooks and more novels on the bookshelf in the dining room, but nothing fictional in the category of “currently reading”. (The non-fiction ebook Praying Backwards that I didn’t finish in October might be one of my writing rewards this month). Not having that usual push to finish reading a story should help me out by removing one distraction from the many I include in my days.

Do you think I’ll make it? I say there’s a very real possibility if I could succeed the first time with an 11-month-old and a preschooler at home. I’ll probably do a good chunk of weekday writing when there’s just one kid at home, then pick up again in the afternoon if there’s opportunity and also open the file while watching TV (not the best for focusing, but I’m usually using my computer at that time, anyway, since few shows on the roster need to be watched without other activity).

And I leave you with a silly motto for the month: “50K or Bust!” 🙂


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