Review: Princess in Training (Meg Cabot)

Read-a-thon book #14

Very fun and quick read! Good resolution, too. Can’t wait to grab the next few books from the library!

Fans of Princess Mia will be celebrating the return of the whole gang in the sixth installment of the popular series. Lilly and Grandmere are a force to be reckoned with as they try to get Mia elected president of the school. In the meantime, Mia worries that boyfriend Michael really expects her to “do it” now that he’s a college man. Arch-nemesis Lana Weinberger is Mia’s political foe, and there’s a new English teacher certain to help Mia develop her writing career. As if that isn’t enough, Mia worries so much about her new baby brother, Rocky, that Lilly nicknames Mia “Baby-Licker,” and the snails Mia dumped into the Bay of Genovia are creating an international incident! Pop-culture references abound, potentially dating the book fairly quickly, but teens will continue to get in line to read this beloved yet familiar fare. Particularly entertaining are the comments Mia makes about the recent movies made of her life.


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