Hello, June, my old friend…

I’ve come to talk with you again…

Oh wait, those are song lyrics. 😉 Anyway… I can’t believe how busy it’s been lately at my house. Must get an update written to fill in the gaps. And I have some photos to upload as well.

Let’s start with the kiddos: Tim’s preschool program ended in May and there was a party in the park on the last day. It was fun, the kids wore themselves out and I was a little sad that it was over. (But only briefly because I’m excited about kindergarten in the fall!) Ben should be entering the same program next year. I do hope there will be room for him two years in a row because I think it’s a great set-up for parents who aren’t working out of the home and can take the time to observe their children as they play, learn and socialise.

Tim also had an informal speech assessment with the therapist he saw in 2011. Earlier in the year she had declared that he could take time off from one-on-one sessions with her. She was pleased with his progress since then and will fit him in for a few sessions this summer to work on his “s-blends” (like “sleep” and “spin”). I’m hopeful that he won’t need therapy once he’s in school, but we’ll see how it goes and keep encouraging him at home. We’re also reminding Ben to try pronouncing word endings since he drops some of them, but at this point he’s not in need of speech therapy.

Other than that official stuff, I can tell you that they are fun kids, playing happily in the yard with patches of dirt and rakes or just running around. Indoors, they’re quite attached to their cars, trains and trucks, plus they like to build with blocks.

As for me, I’ve been reading a bit more, dividing my reading time between fiction and non-fiction, a bit unevenly but it all depends on which book grabs me or what new one comes in for review. I feel like I’m quite behind on letter-writing, so I may do a mid-year letter that’s similar to a Christmas family newsletter! That would cover a bunch of folks at least twice a year. 😉 I’m not worried about the fiction writing for now, but I do think I’d like to do the 250-word challenge from Debbie Ohi’s site again. I would have it nailed for today just with this blog post. 😉

I’ve found ways to add more exercise into my days, even combining it with entertainment. For example, this morning I finished up the season finale of NCIS: LA (a show I don’t watch often but kinda like) while walking in place. (I added in a bit of jogging, too, for the extra calorie-burn). Last night, I walked for 30 mins while reading! (Yes, the book jiggles a little but you get used to it if you’re really committed to having your reading time and not feeling guilty about it in the least. LOL) I’m currently sitting at 9.5 lbs lost for the year and feel that I’ve been most consistent since joining MyFitnessPal. (There are other food and exercise tracking sites, some of which will set up an exercise program for you, but MFP is the one that I kept hearing about from friends online and off so I thought I’d benefit from the connections there.)

Did I miss anything? Comment or send me an email if you want to hear more details. I can’t read your mind, you know (though there’s a cool CTV show called “The Listener” that has a mind-reader in it so go check it out).



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2 responses to “Hello, June, my old friend…

  1. Glennys Williams

    Hi Becca,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post. Lovely to hear about your children and their activities. We have things in common I watch NCIS LA (quite often actually). And have also joined My FitnessPal. And we both enjoy reading and writing.
    I am going to add your blog to my other blogs so I can visit again.

    BTW Happy Birthday, hope its a real special day.

    Love Glennys or (Emma) :0)


    • I’m zions_daughter on MFP. I like having not only the food and exercise tracking, but also the support of several iVillage friends (otherwise I might have gone back to using SparkPeople).

      Planning to blog about my unexpected birthday activities. Didn’t go as planned, but they say life is what happens while you’re busy making plans. 😉


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