Review: Julie (Catherine Marshall)

This re-read took me a long time because I interrupted myself with other books. I definitely got hooked in the last third of the book and had known it was a good story, so I’m glad I made the time to get back to reading it.

The bits of discussion about the Holy Spirit meant a lot more to me this time, since I’ve read Forgotten God. Makes me want to look for more books on the subject! I loved that Marshall didn’t just write about folks who went to church, she also tackled a spiritual issue while writing a good story.

Julie Wallace is just eighteen in 1934 when her father risks their life savings on a struggling newspaper and moves the family to a flood-prone Pennsylvania town.

It is here a young woman’s convictions take firm root, as Julie finds herself taking sides when battle lines are drawn between desperate steelworkers and the mill owners who control their lives. And it is here where her heart and her loyalties are torn, divided between two special men. But when a devastating natural catastrophe becomes the ultimate test of courage and commitment, Julie’s remarkable inner strength will come to the fore — a strength born of faith and love.


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