Harlequin book reviews

I decided to give these in one post since they’re all by the same author. Also, the first title doesn’t deserve to be a subject line, IMO. 😉 For all three of these freebies, I did a feedback survey and I let Harlequin know that I felt there was too much sex in each story – I thought that the writing might have been of a higher level if the stories weren’t so dependent on lust and looks!

First up:

In the Doctor’s Bed (Brenda Jackson)

This was an adequate romance, very average and full of cliche. There also wasn’t much conflict to keep the story afloat.

Having a crush on her drop-dead-gorgeous boss could get Hopewell General intern Jasmine Campbell fired, especially with the prestigious Virginia hospital reeling from a shocking scandal. But head resident Lucien De Winter is impossible to resist. And he’s arousing a healthy dose of desire as the good doctor wages an all–out war to make the sheltered Southern belle his own…

Head over heels for Jasmine, Lucien vows to keep their relationship a secret. He knows they’re playing a dangerous game, but he can’t live without the sensual sister. Even if it means putting his hard–fought career on the line, the seduced surgeon is ready to risk it all. Because Lucien knows that the only thing to cure his acute condition is a lifetime of love…


The Proposal (Brenda Jackson)

This was a fairly good story involving a young woman looking for independence and the “cowboy” boyfriend she finds along the way.

The moment he met Bella Bostwick, Jason Westmoreland wanted her—and the land she’d inherited. With one convenient proposal, he could have the Southern beauty in his bed and her birthright in his hands. If only Bella would say yes…

And finally:

Solid Soul (Brenda Jackson)

This romance was a bit reminiscent of Parent Trap, so it drew me in from the start. I liked the characters, too.

In the real world there was no way flower shop owner Kylie Hagan would ever meet up with millionaire Chance Steele. But the world of single parents and teenage hormones brought them together the first time—and a simmering passion they both tried to deny wouldn’t keep them apart for long.

Chance made her think of hot, sultry Southern nights. Kylie had him imagining satin sheets and soul-stirring kisses. But in the cold light of day, they had to resist each other. There was no way they’d let uncontrollable desire ignite their carefully protected hearts. But some things they couldn’t ignore…


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