Early April update

It’s been so busy here that my brain is quite mushy in the evenings and I neglect my blog, though during the day I have a bunch of ideas for what to write. Time now for a quick update before we head out in the sunshine again, then hopefully I’ll get to those other posts by the end of the month. 😉

I’m on the last three weeks of the fitness program I’ve been doing indoors. When I finish, I’ll switch my focus to outdoor fitness and will hopefully keep active enough with yardwork and such.

The boys love playing in the yard and have had a couple picnic lunches since the weather has been warm and dry. They’re getting used to have a cat exploring as well and like to watch him climbing the trees. Tim’s also getting better at pedaling his trike, so there will be many practice rides to get him ready for a two-wheeler.

We had a good Easter weekend, with an egg hunt near home on Friday, a road trip with park time and KFC lunch on Saturday, more egg hunting Sunday, church, yummy dinner with homemade pie… Just needed a few more hours of sleep in there to keep up with it all! 😉

Indoor time is done for now, but I hope to be back later to talk a little about my latest print book purchases. I don’t make many anymore, so it’s noteworthy when I do buy print over cheap or free e-books!


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