What I Believe: The Purpose of My Life

There was a question recently on the iVillage Faith and Spirituality board that almost seems unanswerable: “Why do you exist?

I thought about it and actually found I could answer, possibly in part due to talking here more about my faith. The answers are becoming clear and that feels great! Here’s what I wrote:

It’s hard to settle the answer in a simple statement, but I’m finding that I believe it to be this: “I’m here to love God and know Him better.”

That expands to a whole lot of purpose, though, when I think about how loving God means a moral life with my focus on Him rather than myself. I’ve been working on this in 2012, trying a new outlook instead of one where it’s all about me, and already there seems to be more going on in my days than just going through a routine of cleaning, raising two boys and keeping my marriage strong. There’s so much more meaning to everything, even how I respond to my kids throughout the day. I find myself thinking about God being our father and the ultimate example of how to parent. Am I giving my boys the attention they need and instructing them with care? Did I have my mind more on myself than them? And what about the people I interact with each week, at church or while taking care of errands? Is there some way I can be reflecting God’s love to them, to help them toward the purpose of knowing and loving God?

I’m sure I’ll come upon even more ways this “simple” purpose will affect my life. So far I do know that keeping the mind on eternal things makes for a more rewarding life emotionally. Someone even commented last night at Bible study that I’m “coming alive.” It does feel that way and I love it!


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