American Idol: Top 25

Disclaimer: I’m not a big fan of the show (and the name bugs me a little since “idol” has a negative connotation in the Bible). I only decided to watch this season because I hadn’t yet seen the current judging panel in action. I found Steven Tyler annoying for most of the audition process because seemed to focus less on the singing and mostly on the “hotness” of the girls. Most of the time, I skip past the judges’ comments so I can get to the singing and some of the video clips that give background on the contestants.

Just catching up today on last week’s shows, and I have to say I wasn’t that impressed with the guys’ performances. Three of them stood out, the rest were boring song choices or just bad singing because of nervousness.

Things are going better with the gals so far. Already I’ve liked four of the first six performances, and I’m liking the song choices a lot better.

The thing the contestants need to realise when they get to live shows is that the audience needs to be wowed. Pick a song you can handle well or don’t bother getting out on that stage. And please don’t make it a really slow one without any power notes or I’ll want to hit the skip button on my PVR remote!


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