Personal Bible study technique: SOAP

How do you keep a daily Bible reading from becoming dry? Where are the lessons you could be learning? Turns out they’re right there for the finding, if we’ll make the effort and look!

This past Tuesday at the ladies’ study I attend, we went over one technique for mining the truths from a Bible passage. We’re using The Life Journal but this can be done in any kind of notebook or journal. Here’s what SOAP means:

Scripture – While reading through your chosen chapter(s), there may be one or more verses that stand out. Jot down where you found the verse and write it out if you wish.

Observation – Why did the verse stand out to you? Is there a life lesson to be learned?

Application – How does the lesson or observation apply to you? Is there some way you could be living differently because of what you read?

Prayer – Write down your response to God, like you’re sending a letter (I know, practically an archaic term; substitute “email” for “letter”).

I found it very interesting on Tuesday that of the chapters we read, everyone chose a different verse and had a different lesson. God was speaking to each of us, giving the encouragement or guidance we needed. And the next time we read those passages, there could be other lessons because the conversation with God is always changing!


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