I finished a fitness program!

Sure, it was only three weeks (or twelve workouts with rest days) but I feel good about having done it. I got the Perfect Attendance trophy since I made up missed workouts on rest days and earned these stats: 4 hrs 12 minutes workout time, 1,058 calories burned. Yay!

I learned more about how to work with EA Active 2 successfully, and without getting mad at the TV. Here are some tips in case you add the disc to your collection. I’m using it with Wii, so these may not apply to all game systems, but I suspect they’re fairly universal.

– Check the list of exercises before you start the workout, and skip any you know you won’t be doing. You’ll get a 100% if you make it through all exercises you kept, even though you omitted some from the original list. If you skip them as you’re exercising, you’re doing less than an entire workout. (For me, there are a select few exercises that are too uncomfortable at this point, like the bent side arm plank. I can do the straight one, though it’s tough; but the side version eludes me! Mountain climbers also kill me. I try to keep the omissions to a minimum or I’ll never challenge myself. And someday I’ll get that side arm plank down!)

– Keep the Wii remote in view of your sensor when you’re not facing the TV head-on. Otherwise you may get messages on the screen indicating you’re not doing the exercise when you’re actually following what you see but the remote isn’t getting its signal through to the sensor!

– Keep your eyes on the trainer and match their movements and pace. If I get ahead of the trainer’s movements, my reps may not be counted as they should. Also, if I watch what my onscreen self is doing, I may miss the correct pacing and again be frustrated that the system isn’t counting my reps.

– Exaggerate arm movements when you’re doing Follow the Trail. I have to pump my arms and lift my legs in a march when I’m asked to walk – my normal walking is “too slow.” Annoying, but I’ll burn more calories with the march than my walk, so I’m okay with it now that I’ve made the discovery.

I think that’s everything, but I’m probably going to start the nine-week program next Monday, so I may post more tips.


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