Greetings from the ever loquacious Mr Holmes

Good day to you! You did not read amiss. Sherlock Holmes here, visiting my friend Rebecca and borrowing her public web journal.

I have just been basking in the glow brought on by my adoring fans. Despite my age and native century (with its lower level of technology) I do keep up on things through the Internet. I am particularly pleased that the modern adaptation of my story is going so well. The actors are very good, in my opinion – Watson, do pipe down! I’m sure everyone who knows even a little about me knows I am not humble, so I do not need to remind them that my opinions will not fit in the common acronym IMHO.

As I was saying, the acting is good and the stories bring my adventures into modern times in such a refreshing way. Tis a pity that there are only three 90-minute episodes for each series/season. I would not keep the main actors from pursuing other movie or television projects, however; my friend Rebecca is quite interested to see how Benedict Cumberbatch will fit into the cast of the next Star Trek film. Meanwhile I am waiting to see Martin Freeman in “The Hobbit” (which Mrs R reminds me she also wants to see, having been a fan of the LotR movie series).

Watson has just discovered that YouTube has a selection of free movies, so he is pestering me with titles of classic movies he would like to watch. I suppose I must endure one of them, but I will keep a novel in hand in case the movie selection is vastly inferior to my level of intellect. I could always disappear into Tolkien’s writing since I see that Mrs R has not yet read the duplicate copy of The Hobbit from her mother… Have no fear, I shall continue this discussion another day and expound on the virtues of seeing myself depicted on screen. Cheerio!


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