Writing update!

It’s time again to talk about how the 250-word challenge is working for me.

January’s ending word count: 7,669 words! If I can hit 7,000 words each month, my 2012 total will be over 84,000. Wow! And while I’m sure some of it isn’t going to go any farther than the writing program I’m using, it’s part of the practice and discipline, so it’s all useful. 🙂

I may be at five days per week rather than the six of the challenge – haven’t been making note of whether I write every Saturday (with Sunday off) but I do recall that I would sometimes be working on snail mail letters instead of reaching for the computer at writing time. Perhaps I should aim for regular correspondence on the weekends…

I also need to consider writing by hand during the week. Last year, it seemed like double the effort to write in a notebook and then remember to type it later, so there’s some work from the summer and fall still in written form only. Of course, I do know that I have enough time in each day to indulge in a certain online hidden object game (hint #1: I use Google+; hint #2: I own a garden in this game), so why couldn’t there be 15 mins or so when I type if I had earlier been in a pen-and-paper mood?

Recent blessing list additions:
– winter rain
– a good night’s sleep
– a good mystery finished
– soap, water, cleaning cloths and rubber gloves
– opportunities to cheer online friends
– health
– potty training progress
– relatives to write and more to talk about than just the weather
– kindergarten registration!
– independent play requiring less supervision
– preschooler talking to himself and his toys
– sunshine
– indoor workouts
– nighttime diapers
– the beginnings of proper appreciation for non-fiction
– Bible study tonight!


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