Potty Training Adventures

Disclaimer: This blog post won’t cover everything and is meant more for humour than education. Check out BabyCenter for proper information. 😉

So, it’s time to train your toddler to use the toilet. What do you need to get started?

– non-carpeted flooring
– spot cleaner for what carpet you do own
– cleaning wipes to reduce odours after you’ve mopped up puddles on wood, laminate or lino
– a potty seat, either on its own or one that attaches to the regular toilet seat
– a reward system (stickers, treats, etc.) that’s adjustable to the toddler’s personal motivation, which you may struggle to discover
– pull-ups for naptime and diapers for bedtime – don’t expect dryness all day and night once you begin your adventure
– underwear as incentive, preferably with recognisable characters that the toddler will think of as friends (“Keep your friend dry and clean, we don’t pee on our friends!”)
– time, to sit with your toddler and prevent the up-and-down potty dance or streaking throughout the house
– games or videos on your mobile device, to keep the toddler occupied while sitting
– patience for the toddler who sits for 10 mins or more, then runs out of the bathroom and wets pants a few minutes later
– timing device for regular checks on the toddler’s dry-wet status and attempts to synchronise the toddler’s need with regular bathroom visits
– the appearance of enthusiasm about pee and poop, so the toddler associates potty use with praise and happiness

The adventures continue here and I look forward to the day when everyone’s got it down!

Blessings list additions:
– caffeine
– warm sweaters
– warm blankets
– clean sheet day
– silly cheerleading movies


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