Review: Miss Match (Erynn Mangum)

I have mixed feelings about this free e-book – the character of Lauren could be fun and witty, but also annoying. I kept wanting one of her friends or siblings to tell her off for her meddling and deception. I suppose many readers feel that way about Emma in Jane Austen’s novel – in the acknowledgments, Mangum cited Emma and Pride and Prejudice as inspiration for this book.

This is the first of a series of books about the character, so the next might improve as Lauren matures and hopefully learns from previous mistakes…

Lauren Holbrook has decided to add a side career to her regular job as a photographer: matchmaking for the romantically challenged. After successfully hitching her sister and her new husband, Lauren decides to sets out to strike sparks between her carefree singles’ pastor, Nick, and her neurotic, obsessive compulsive coworker, Ruby. However, Lauren finds that certain combinations of people results in explosions, rather than sparks, and her foolproof plan begins to unravel. As Lauren is faced with disaster after romantic disaster, will she rethink her matchmaking role as well as her vow to her father to remain single forever?


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