Review: Sea of Monsters (Rick Riordan)

Read-a-thon review #23

This was a great second book. I like how Riordan has a new immediate conflict in Percy’s life and things left over from the opening novel (that will presumably carry over throughout the series). There were some predictable plot points, but even though this is classified as YA, it’s still enjoyable for adults. 🙂

In this sequel to Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief, 13-year-old Percy is just finishing up his school year and is looking forward to another great summer at Camp Half-Blood with all the other demigods. But even before school ends, things start happening, and soon Percy is at camp along with Tyson, a homeless kid adopted by Percy’s school. At camp, Percy not only discovers that Tyson is a Cyclops, but also that the camp is in trouble. There’s a quest to rescue Percy’s friend, Grover the satyr, and to retrieve the Golden Fleece. The plot zips along with plenty of action; lots of mythological monsters, titans, and gods; and a leavening of humor.


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