My early thoughts on Google+

I haven’t used the new social network a lot just yet. Most of my online and real-life contacts just aren’t on the site, but there are a few writers I know, so my stream isn’t completely empty. And I’ve been mentioning movies and books read when I think someone else will be interested by them, maybe have their own happy memories they’d like to share.

I haven’t tried Hangouts yet because I’m usually on G+ without a webcam. Debbie Ohi, a writer I found while checking out the Sparks section with the search term of (surprise surprise) writers, hosts hangouts for newbies. I’d like to pop in sometime to participate in the 15-minute tutorials so I know what settings are which and just what a Hangout looks like in action. I could actually just create my own sometime, even if it’s just between one friend and me…

I’m a little disappointed that my Nook (1st edition) browser isn’t supported by G+ but I assume that at some point they’ll either add support or I’ll just accept that not everything works on my special little e-reader. (It should be enough that it actually contains a browser and I can get to both Facebook and iVillage from it. What do I want, the whole world plus an enormous library of ebooks? All right, I admit that I do!)

I shared a video on G+ that I saw in someone else’s stream and I think it’s got many good points about joining G+. Here ’tis for those who haven’t yet seen it! By the way, it’s funny and apparently it isn’t an ad produced by Google to sell their new product to us, so don’t skip it just because you think it’ll be boring.


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