Spotlight on my signature addiction

At iVillage, a gal like me is called a “siggy piggy.” I have my main signature image (name-only or photos showing off my boys) on a rotator, then I have “blinkies” scrolling thanks to the marquee HTML tag.

We have a great message board for those learning to make “siggies” and one section is for offers – siggy-makers will design a template, then offer it to anyone interested. Usually customisation is just name and a bit of additional text, but some offers come with various colours or designs. And that’s how I’ve built my siggy collection lately, visiting the board regularly to check for new offers.

I keep meaning to learn to make my own images, but until then, I’d like to show off my friends’ talents, so I’m going to periodically share one of my awesome siggies in a blog post!

Today’s choice:

B is for Becca image



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2 responses to “Spotlight on my signature addiction

  1. Laura

    Haha, “Siggy Piggy, Siggy Piggy!” You’re just like Napoleon! 🙂


    • Becca

      Apparently I haven’t seen the movie enough times. I had to Google “napoleon piggy” to figure out the reference. *Sigh* 😉


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