Preschooler Time: Stories and reading club!

Tim is liking his first time in a summer reading club at the library. His group is 3-5 years and they’re called the Flying Squirrels.

So far we’ve heard stories about bears, monkeys and fish. I’ve started putting up crafts on the wall (now that he’s at an age where he’s interested in that sort of thing for a few minutes at a time) so the first week we added a monkey and this time we’ve got a fish to put up once I’m sure the glue is dry.

Going to the club each week is also an excellent excuse to exchange our library books for ones I haven’t read at least a dozen times each since we signed them out. πŸ˜‰ As the stories are being read during club time, I look for one book displayed on top of the kiddie bookshelves. Then I let Tim pick one for him and one for Ben. (When we’re reading them, we can always have Ben look at his book if he’s bored with the others.)

Storytime is usually before nap and before bed, but we also had a bonus reading session today while the boys’ hot lunch was cooling a little bit in the fridge. Ben is notoriously impatient about meal preparation, so this worked out well. If I’m still making a meal and he won’t stop complaining loudly and stomping on my feet (ouch!) I may need to use the Barnes & Noble Online Storytime to keep us all sane. I’m sure Tim wouldn’t mind that one bit. πŸ˜‰


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