Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 4

Rather than trying to tackle my deficit all at once, I’m simply adding to the daily goal and will try to get a couple hundred words extra here and there. That seemed to work well for me in November and prevented my feeling like a bad day was the end of the whole challenge.

So, my daily goal happens to match up with November’s: about 1,700 words per day should get me to the finish line on time. And that’s what I’ve managed as of this moment. Now if I can write while watching TV or a movie tonight, I’m ahead of my own adjusted goals. 🙂

I’m liking where this story is headed and I think sitting down to plot it all at once could have lead me somewhere else, so writing and then plotting and then writing more is a good strategy so far. Maybe I’ll learn to be disciplined enough to plot in more detail from the start and then just adjust when the characters or circumstances surprise me. We shall see…


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