Review: Elfsong (Elaine Cunningham)

Read-a-thon review #3

This sequel to Elfshadow earned a rating of Good. At first I thought the conflict wasn’t quite as danger-filled as in the first book, but there was more to the plot than I’d suspected. The ending satisfied as well, wrapping up loose ends well. Not sure what’s ahead in the third book, but I’m now sold on Cunningham’s writing. 🙂

The bards of Waterdeep remember the past. Or do they? Even as they sing their ballads, a mysterious spell is changing their memories. Danilo Thann, Harper and would-be bard, sets out to uncover the mystery. In this quest, his closest companion is his deadliest enemy, the rogue elf Elaith Craulnober. At stake is not merely the future of Faerûn but also its past.


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