Script Frenzy 2011!

All right, I’m already something like 14 pages behind on the challenge to write 100 pages this month, but I’m not going to declare myself a failure just yet. Will see if I can pull it off with a little inspiration.

One thing I do like about this challenge is that it doesn’t ask you to stick with one project all the way through, as Nano is meant to do. Since I tend to flit from one project to another, it seems like Frenzy works in my favour – if I can get my act together, that is. 😉



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2 responses to “Script Frenzy 2011!

  1. Laura

    That’s very cool! Good luck! I have no clue how to write a script, so I’ll just stick with November. Besides, then I’d have one more big chunk of writing that I would neglect editing.


    • Becca

      Haven’t caught up yet. Maybe I’ll have a stellar SF 2012. 😉

      I snagged Celtx, one of the programs recommended on the Script Frenzy site. I’ve learned a few things about formatting, but otherwise I’m just concentrating on the dialogue and a bit of stage direction. And since I prefer dialogue, this sort of project is “right up my alley.”


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