NaNo, Day 17

Day 16 was a blah day for writing. Can I blame it on the flu shot I had on Monday? 😉 I was 700 words short at the end of the day, but I’ve made up 500 of those and I’m finding word-count-checking quite addictive. “Almost at the next hundred, I can make it. Oh, now I’m not that far off from the next hundred…” 🙂

My strategy to recover from the midway-through-NaNoWriMo blues was to stop my usual all-over-the-place writing habit and go back to chronological writing. Maybe I was missing the characters I’d started with on Day 1 and getting bogged down with all the new details and characters I’d added since then. Today the writing was enjoyable, and the boys cooperated by playing well as I tried to fit in writing outside of naptime. I’m glad they did because the naps were placed a bit odd and I needed some of that time for cooking. I had about 500 words to go by suppertime and this evening was determined to concentrate and write more!

Total so far today: 2176. So close to the next hundred that I might continue and see how far it takes me. That new ebook can wait…


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One response to “NaNo, Day 17

  1. Good for you Becky, that’s awesome!!! Isn’t it a rush? Everyone should set themselves some crazy 30 day challenge just to see if they can meet it.

    I wrote 600 words on my afternoon coffee break (okay, maybe my slightly extended coffee break) so I’m caught up from my weekend off (as long as I do my daily allotment tonight. 30K is in sight! 🙂

    Can’t wait to read your story! 😉


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