My day, in abbreviated form

Currently listening to: Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas

Mood: Very good!

Weather: Overcast, 8 C.

Accomplished so far today: Walk, fresh fruit and produce, dishes, clean windows, bake muffins.

Book I’m reading: The Blue Castle, L.M. Montgomery. (Fave of all her books, multiple re-reads.)

Waiting for: New laptop!

Hoping for: New glasses through giveaway.

Interlibrary loan request: Sisterchicks Down Under, Robin Jones Gunn.

Temptation: chocolate and/or ice cream.

Planning: Knight Rider episode with Reese’s Pieces (if they’re not devoured sooner).

Loving: Ben’s smiles, Tim’s giggles, Brad’s sense of humour (since it matches mine).

Currently drinking: Celestial Seasonings Peach Apricot Honeybush

Last meal: Lunch was scrambled eggs, toast and apple slices with peanut butter.

Wearing: Light blue t-shirt (with Nelson Pilots’ Association logo), size 14 (petite ’cause I’m short) jeans, off-white sweater.

Wondering: Why jeans are size 14 and pants are size 12 (or less, since one pair keeps sliding down).

On TV tonight: Dragons’ Den. Bones is a repeat again?!



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2 responses to “My day, in abbreviated form

  1. Jennifer

    Hi Sis…..sorry i haven’t phoned u or e-mailed u……can’t believe February just vanished….I was supposed to come over, huh?! Will try to make that happen soon….maybe Spring Break?? Jacinda will need something to do cuz i don’t want to hear I’M BORED!! everyday! u sound like u are happy and busy as well…..geez, where the heck do u find time to read? oh yeah, i forgot i am talking to the ultimate bookworm!!! LOL! I do hope that u are enjoying Fruitvale…although probably missing family! I have been pretty busy with work,Cherye’s gone now( she was here 3 weeks) and now Sandrelle will be coming from March 5 – 18 while Sasha is gone for the Spring Break. I think mom said she would take Jacinda for a couple nights….Bless Her Heart! I just got and paid for my $400 custom made foot orthotics…’s gonna take awhile to get used to them. and now, i have to go shopping for shoes, but not just any shoe, supportive comfortable pronation control shoes for work and some kind of sandal slipper Birkenstock ?? expensive for home to have support on my feet at all times. I really am having trouble with the change…it sure is a mind set. anywho, hopefully will see u on Saturday at the Bowling alley and cake after. TTYL.
    luvnhugs, Jennifer 🙂


    • Becca

      Hiya! I got caught up in everyday stuff in February and actually forgot you were supposed to make it here. Spring break sounds good to me. I’ll let you know if anything does come up that will keep us out of the house.

      As for the reading, if something’s important, time can be found. Which probably means I should be writing every week as well… Usually I sneak in a few pages as Ben’s eating, so that’s a handy part of our routine. 😉 If I’m not hooked by the book, I’ll often be at the computer instead. (Bad habit, perhaps, but online friends are great ’cause no matter where you move, they’re still there!)

      Hope your shoe hunt is successful. I’m loving my Nikes from a sale at the mall a while ago. Aside from sandals in the summer, I’m a running shoe kind of gal, so it was about time for new ones.

      Doesn’t look like anything’s going to keep us from getting there for the party. We’re expecting to visit soon with the other cousins but we haven’t yet heard when they’re driving down from Prince George. Don’t want any conflicts ’cause we don’t see either side as often now!


      Becca 🙂


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