Am I ready for a big step?

Brought the cloth diapers out of the box yesterday afternoon and after some online research, was almost certain 😉 I know what I’m getting into with this change from disposables-only.

Mine were passed on from another mum, so not only am I endeavouring to do right by the environment while also keeping down my garbage-disposal costs, we’ve both saved materials by keeping these diapers in use longer rather than causing new ones to be made…

I’m planning to keep disposables for nights and times that we’re out of the house, so I’m not a complete convert at this point and don’t know if I ever will be. Still, using less disposables goes toward the same idea of less being produced and then thrown away! And if the laundry becomes too much to deal with, I’ll list the diapers in a local Facebook buy-and-sell group so their lifetime continues with another family.



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2 responses to “Am I ready for a big step?

  1. What kind did you get? Ours are on their last legs, having been in circulation for 5+ years, so I certainly wouldn’t be passing them on, but if yours are gently used, you’ll probably be very happy with them.

    Have fun! Glad to hear you’re converting! 🙂


    • Becca

      I’ve got Kushies. Love all the cute prints. 🙂

      After a partial first day of cloth, I’m undecided. I’d say we have a “heavy wetter,” so the wraps are certainly needed, plus more changes than with disposables. That might lead me to think it’s a bit much for life with babe and toddler, but I’ll try to give this an adequate amount of time before passing final judgment either way…


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