I’ve conquered The Forgotten Ruins!

I’m probably too sleepy to put together a coherent blog entry, but I just wanted to celebrate the fact that I’ve completed a Nintendo DS game. It’s rare for me to finish video/computer games. Last one was probably Around the World in 80 Days, a PC game that seemed impossible for a few levels, and that was around a year ago.

I just don’t spend that much time playing video and computer games, partly because most don’t hold my interest long enough, for various reasons. An obvious one is that if I perceive the game to be too difficult for my newbie skills, I don’t rise to the challenge and get better, I just stop playing. Another is that there aren’t many games I know about that are “my type” – puzzle rather than action/quest/simulation.

Anyway… I’ll let you get back to your own video games, and I’ll happily do a solo jig to honour my outstanding achievement. 😉


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