Fun while it lasted, Vista

I’m probably quite far behind most chatter online about upgrading to Vista, but since I just switched back to XP, I wanted to say why and assure folks that I actually give Vista a thumbs-up.

With each new version of Windows, the amount of hard drive space and memory usage increases – or at least it seems to do so. (I don’t have data to back it up and won’t bother researching now just to prove my assumption.) Unfortunately for my laptop, it was designed for XP and only given 1 GB RAM, which means it seems to run really well with XP but became sluggish with Vista. I finally decided that I didn’t have to be running the latest Windows operating system just because I own it (free upgrade due to a promotion at the time I bought XP Pro). I’d rather not spend the money to boost myself to 2 GB of memory at this point – I can think of better uses for my cash, but it would be nice in the future. Of course, by then I might have moved on another machine. (Shh, don’t tell my computer I said that. It might take offense!)

Anyway… Vista is visually appealing and I found it very easy to use. For me, it wasn’t a huge jump from XP. I guess I’d sum up Vista by saying it’s XP with a dash of the Mac look to it. 😉

I’m not disappointed to go back to XP since neither OS has treated me badly in the lifetime of this computer. And the more Windows installations I do, the better I’ll get at knowing just what needs to be done, so it’s not scary when it becomes necessary. I like the idea of a fresh hard drive as well. LOL


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