Becca’s Top Six: What I’m Watching During “Rerun Season”

Here’s what on our TV these days to keep us entertained until the fall 2009 season kicks off.

(Why only six selections? Well, Top Five and Top Ten lists can be found everywhere, so I’m looking for something closer to originality. I’d go with the lovely numbers seven or eleven, but it’s probably easier to think of six items when I intend to do multiple lists of whatever subject comes to mind… Besides, I was born in the month of June, so the number is also personal. Okay, back to business!)

1. Ashes to Ashes, Season 2 (BBC) – Spin-off from the awesome possible-time-travel, back-to-the-’70’s show Life on Mars. Sam Tyler’s boss Gene Hunt and a couple familiar characters work with Alex Drake, who’s from the year 2008.

2. Robin Hood, Season 3 (BBC) – Not much to say here about the legendary Robin Hood ’cause everyone’s heard of him!

3. So You Think You Can Dance – What can I say? I like to watch dancing, from hip-hop to step to ballroom and lots in between.

4. Big Brother – Took a break from the show last summer, but might watch it this time. I think there should only be two episodes per week, though, so there isn’t BB overload in my brain. 😉

5. Doogie Howser, Season 2 – A quick filler (about 20 mins per episode on DVD) between new shows is this oldie but goodie. Actually, there are times it doesn’t feel that old, which probably means I am. 😉

6. Various movies – Either from TV or our own collection, we’ve seen more movies lately than we usually watch. It’s nice to catch up on some we missed when they were released in theatres or revisit old friends. (I’ll save specifics for another post, which may or may not include a list…)


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  1. I watch BB during the summer but I watch it online. My husband will not tolerate it. 🙂


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