Finished the Twilight series! :)

I haven’t written the review I’ll post on Christian Bookshelf (where the readers have quite varied tastes, including me, the vampire and werewolf fan) because I finished Breaking Dawn shortly before sleepytime last night. I’d been so hooked on the books this month that I found it difficult to balance my to-do list, other hobbies and reading time.

Now that I’m finished, I’ll probably try to dive into a few of the fun things that were neglected: writing, making a catalogue of my book collection, and starting a GIMP tutorial for image-making. (iVillage encourages the use of image-filled signatures on its message boards and I’d like to be able to create images for myself rather than make frequent requests of the talented “siggymakers” who do it all for free. They’re great gals and the results are awesome, but I feel bad they’re not getting anything for their work. I won’t feel guilty about doing my own work, though, and then I could do board-related graphics for Christian Bookshelf and All Things Music, my second volunteer position as community leader.)

Up next on my reading list: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Where Do I Go by Neta Jackson (Bookshelf’s February Book of the Month).


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