Another productive day

In the morning, I solved the problem of winter outerwear for Tim, including a toque with ties so it’s hard for him to pull off at this point. Got a couple of sweaters for myself, and a few toys for his birthday.

This afternoon, I finished reading an online friend’s beginning chapters and made a few notes about my impressions. Also got vacuuming and sweeping done, and the birdfeeder needed filling again. All the activity was a good way to stay warm – I tend to feel chilly a lot in the fall and winter, probably because I’m a natural couch potato. πŸ˜‰

Also figured out where to go with the current ending of Chapter Twelve – I’d been writing something new earlier this year but couldn’t remember my original intent, so I just asked myself what would best serve the plot. Guess I’m learning something finally about unravelling the mysteries in the creation of my own stories. πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow Tim and I need to visit my parents before they leave for the holiday weekend. Might be fun to bake cookies, too.

All right, I should be typing up some written edits now!


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