Book review: Crimson Eve by Brandilyn Collins

It’s probably not surprising that I sped through Crimson Eve and loved it, considering that’s been my experience with the previous two novels in the Kanner Lake series. šŸ™‚

It probably does help to read the books in order, but I think each one does a good job of having most of its story stand apart from previous events. There may be references in Crimson Eve to Books One and Two, but they don’t have a huge impact on this story, and I appreciate that – there have been so many times in my reading history that I’ve only been able to find a later book in a series and I hate to be shut out.

I made guesses along the way with Crimson Eve, trying to determine what was going to happen. I was close with a few things, but Brandilyn has proven once again how much better she is at plotting. She’s been honing her skills for years and I love the result!

And just in case you don’t think suspense novels are your thing, this one is action-filled with realistic characters and great dialogue. (I’m so picky about translating everyday speech to the page!) I hope you’ll like it, too.


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