A day in the life

Here’s what a weekday now entails for me:

– Wake up just before 7 am and take my time with my early-morning routine of breakfast, shower and walk with the dog.

– Check my to-do list for errands and housecleaning tasks.

– Alternate those tasks with recorded TV shows (there are so many at the start of the fall season!) or a bit of reading.

– Watch news at noon with lunch. (I’m copying my dad with that one.)

– More TV, reading and/or tasks!

Sounds like the sweet life, probably, and I am enjoying it. Of course, if you don’t like to clean and organise, it wouldn’t be much fun. 😉

I’ll likely need to add a few more hobbies to the mix so there’s no chance of getting bored, but there will also be a baby soon to take up my time!


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