What was I thinking?

Next time I say that the title or blurb of a Danielle Steel book has caught my attention, remind me how much I didn’t enjoy HRH. So not my kind of writing, with its “they did this, they did that” and hardly any good dialogue to break up the monotony. Show me, don’t tell! And don’t rely on tragedy to get your hero and heroine together!

I don’t even have the urge to check out her early writing to see why there are so many fans of her books. If she started out great I could understand their loyalty – to a point. I just don’t see any hint of greatness in HRH. And aren’t writers supposed to improve with time, as they hone their skills? Could this book (notice I won’t even call it a novel) be her best? Please tell me there’s been a huge mistake and the real manuscript is missing…

All right, that’s enough mean words against a world-renowned author. I’m going to get back to a funny novel about magic in modern-day New York: Enchanted, Inc by Shanna Swendson. So glad it caught my eye in the library!


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