Willow Grove, Part VI

I’ve haven’t taken the time to be sure I have all the characters’ names and the facts straight; thought I’d better post this right away because it’s a miracle I’ve even written a single word. 😉

Preceding parts of this tale can be found at the following locations: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V.

It’s been quite a while since I last shared what was happening in my life, so let me give you a recap: I live in a pretty comfortable house with three roommates. Martin and Carrie work in the local gym, training and motivating folks. Rob is the perpetual student, and I’m the librarian. We get along failry well, though I’m often mocked for my love of a (great) soap opera named “Willow Grove.”

Surprisingly, I’ve been joined on the weekends by some of my roommates when I catch up on everything WG. (Too bad there’s no TV handy at the librarian’s desk. Of course, no one would get any service from me during that hour of WG each day…)

Martin was the first to sit down with me, though he commented quite a lot on what he saw as “plot holes” and “ridiculous dialogue.” Maybe he was less interested in the show than having a friend to hang with; heaven knows, his fiancee didn’t fit the bill, but seemed to pile on the stress as she concentrated on her hobbies, friends and career aspirations.

Next came Melissa, Rob’s girlfriend. She moved in with us after she was suddenly faced with a lack of housing options, and though it took a while for her to fit in with the established gang, we all found her a pleasant addition.

Now we’re getting ready for Rob’s graduation from university, and I’ve sometimes had to move my usual WG marathon so we could all work on the plans for a super grad party. Martin has more time now that there’s no longer a fiancee – thank goodness, since she was all wrong for him. And we’ve all pitched in so it’ll be a special time Rob will never forget.

He wants to move away, to be part of a team of computer-savvy folk who will travel all over the world in an effort to bring technology to schools in countries that can’t afford to do the setup themselves. The machines are donated and, in most cases, the schools are responsible for the cost of the techs’ labour. Sounds like a great project, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it means we won’t see Rob for a long time. That I’m not so enthusiastic about. I’ve even thought of trying to convince Rob he should take another job offer, one that keeps him here with us. Martin won’t let me do that, so I have to keep my mouth shut and try to be as excited as Rob is when he talks of leaving.

I’m sure Carrie would back me up, but she’s stronger than me and doesn’t need Martin to tell her it wouldn’t be good for Rob. How she handles it, I’m not sure; if the man I loved wanted to go away, I’d stop him or make certain I could go as well.

At the very least, we can send Rob off with fun memories of the day he (finally) finished his schooling.


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