Moving on

I used to laugh at the idea of paring down one’s possessions as a cleansing ritual; I assumed that there would be tearful goodbyes to old souvenirs and well-loved novels, or stress because I still had so much “stuff” hanging around. Now, however, I’m learning that it is good to periodically reassess things I’ve saved for a long time.

A good example, and the sorting I did on the weekend, involves books. I’m going to donate books I thought I’d read over and over but didn’t, as well as those that were favourites once upon a time yet no longer move me the same way. In other words, I’m only taking out books that I know I can live without – if I’m unsure or want to read something one more time, it can stay for now.

This organisation makes me feel good because I’m making room for new favourites. The thought that there are so many authors out there yet to explore reduces the risk of those sad goodbyes (which haven’t shown up yet). I’m looking to the future in a small way, and I enjoy it.

Song of the day: Adding to the Noise by Switchfoot.


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