Yippee for a day off!

This is my first Monday this month where I (currently) have no set plans with anyone else. I do promise the following, though:

  1. I will take care of a few housecleaning tasks, like vacuuming and washing puppy noseprints from the living room window.
  2. I will watch “The Holiday,” which Brad gave me yesterday. (Can you believe I didn’t spot it right away in our DVD collection? I almost missed it when I was picking something to watch in the afternoon. I loved the surprise; that’s a fun way to receive a present.)
  3. I will finish writing a letter to my best friend so I can send it off with a DVD I promised her.

OK, that’s enough of a list that I have some direction; I’m not always that comfortable with no plan in place. Or maybe that’s just what happens when I’m by myself and don’t want to waste the day away watching TV and playing computer games. (I have the complete sets of the first two Star Trek series and could play Chuzzle and other games all day…)


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