Review: Coyote Moon

Coyote MoonCoyote Moon: a fable
Christina Rai Wheelwright, illustrated by Steven Clement

This children’s book is an amazing find, starting with its beautiful cover. Wheelwright spins an origin tale with wit and Castlegar resident Clement brings the words to captivating life with his paintings. The partnership is a great match.

Coyote Moon weaves its way through the story of a time when there was no moon in the sky. The style is reminiscent of First Nations tales most Canadian kids have heard, but there is no boredom in sight. As animals are asked to take the moon’s place in the sky, their traits reveal in an amusing way whether they are the right choice for the job.

Turning the pages to get to the next picture adds enjoyment, and the acrylic paintings used for the book are the perfect medium to blend myth and magic to complement the fable. Adults may want to add this one to their personal libraries simply for the art.

Ask for this book in Kootenay bookstores or email the writer and artist ( and


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