Hello, 5 am

I seem to have an uncanny ability to wake up really early and not fall asleep again. Hence this post at an hour when most are still dreaming. Maybe I have too much on the brain?

The newspaper received its first submission for the book review column yesterday (unsolicited as I have yet to contact anyone locally), and that has been sent to the editor for approval. Hopefully it’s long enough – I tend to write shorter reviews when I like a book! I was quite excited that local talent is involved because I think that would be our best way to make the column matter to our readers. And I know from my own writing experience that it’s nice to get a little recognition near home – I loved having my name in print with the article I wrote about National Heart Month. 😀

That’s about all I can think to chat about at this time, so that’s probably a sign I should try for more sleep. 😉 Have a good day, everyone, and don’t forget that much of the US and Canada will change our clocks ahead this Sunday (or Saturday evening if you want to get a jump on it). I welcome the early change because it already feels like spring here!


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